What Drives Economic Migration Plans? Microdata Analysis for Poland
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Publish date: 2016-08-31
Gospodarka Narodowa 2016;284(4):69–89
The aim of the paper is to identify factors influencing economic emigration. The authors use data from socioeconomic surveys (Social Diagnosis 2015 and 2013) with samples of more than 18,000 individuals for the Polish economy. They focus on responses to a question about their potential labor emigration plans, which are seen as a prelude to actual emigration. The outcome of this question was binary; hence a logit model was applied. The results indicate that the key drivers of the propensity to emigrate are registered unemployed status, fluency in at least one foreign language, new skills acquired during the year prior to the survey, and social attitude. On the other hand, older people, women and more educated individuals are less eager to emigrate. The propensity to migrate is also determined by family factors.