Intragenerational Redistribution within the Pension System
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Publish date: 2017-08-31
Gospodarka Narodowa 2017;290(4):63–81
Calculating pension benefits using unisex life expectancy tables in a defined-contribution pension system results in a situation in which men, who live shorter lives on average, in a sense subsidize women, who live longer on average. The aim of this article is to estimate the scale of this redistribution. The analysis is based on an overlapping generations model with heterogeneity within the cohort and mandatory pay-as-you-go defined-contribution pension system. In line with demographic projections, increasing life expectancy has also been considered. Applying unisex life expectancy tables results in redistribution toward women at a level of 0.5%–0.7%, expressed by a consumption equivalent as a percentage of men’s consumption in the life cycle. However, this scale of redistribution within the pension system is not sufficient to compensate women for labor market discrimination.