Popyt na pracę w średnich i dużych przedsiębiorstwach przemysłu przetwórczego w Polsce w latach 1996-2003
Data publikacji: 31-08-2005
Gospodarka Narodowa 2005;201(7-8):65–84
Using a collection of statistical data from Polish manufacturing enterprises, the author has developed a dynamic model of demand for labor. His analysis indicates that the demand for labor in enterprises can be defined by means of a standard function where the number of employees depends on labor costs and the demand for an enterprise’s products. The research shows that the influence of capital costs is low or statistically insignificant. Data used by the author covered the 1996-2003 period and made it possible to check hypotheses about changes in parameters over time. The results obtained show that enterprises, as a result of a slump in the economy, were forced to undergo deep restructuring. This chiefly occurred through adjustments in employment.