Open Innovation in Polish Enterprises
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Publish date: 2014-04-30
Gospodarka Narodowa 2014;270(2):53–80
The study assesses the impact of inbound open innovation (search and screening, cooperation and pecuniary open innovation) on the innovation performance of enterprises. The author also identifies the firm-level determinants of open innovation. The analysis is conducted using data for 2008-2010 from the Polish Community Innovation Survey (CIS). The sample covers 7,783 medium-sized and large manufacturing firms, 990 of which are selected for the final study (N = 990). The results of the structural equation model used by the author show a statistically significant relationship between innovation cooperation with competitors as well as in-house R&D performed on a continuous basis and innovation performance measured by the log of fraction of sales of innovative products. Based on the analysis of critical values between parameters, a hierarchy of attributes determining inbound open innovation is established. The results of the study show a complex relationship between the analyzed dependent and independent variables, leading the author to conclude that innovation cannot be reduced to linear relationships.