Determinants of Unemployment Duration Among Graduates in Poland
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Publish date: 2012-12-31
Gospodarka Narodowa 2012;260(11-12):79–103
The paper analyzes the determinants of unemployment duration among graduates in Poland. The data used in the paper comes from a survey carried out among graduates in 2007. The determinants of unemployment duration were examined using a survival analysis method. A number of personal characteristics of the graduates (including sociodemographic factors, education, human capital, job search methods and international experience) as well as regional variables were taken into account. A Cox proportional hazards model was estimated using the maximum likelihood method for the entire sample and for subsamples broken down by type of location. The results validate the hypothesis that the same characteristics have a different impact on the duration of unemployment among graduates in different regions. Demographic characteristics such as gender and marital status are significant predictors of job search duration in rural areas, while characteristics associated with social activities play a role in urban areas (with a particularly strong impact in large cities). A higher level of education means less time spent looking for a job, the authors say.