Central Banks After the Crisis: Is the Direct Inflation Targeting Strategy in Need of Institutional Changes?
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Publish date: 2012-08-31
Gospodarka Narodowa 2012;257(7-8):45–65
The article looks at whether and to what extent criticism is justified with regard to monetary policy in Poland in the context of the ongoing debate on the causes, course and implications of the global financial and economic crisis. Another aim is to determine to what extent the proposed adjustments in monetary policy concern the institutional aspect of the direct inflation targeting strategy. The author discusses proposals to increase the inflation target and replace the direct inflation targeting strategy with the so-called price-level targeting strategy or the nominal GDP targeting strategy. The general conclusion from the article is that, until broader dilemmas are resolved concerning the optimal role of supervisory, regulatory and macro-prudential functions in the institutional structure of the economy, any attempts at replacing the direct inflation targeting strategy with alternative strategies would be uncalled-for, the author says, regardless of the purported advantages of these alternative strategies highlighted by their advocates.